Design Engineer

At Golden Rule Signs, we pride ourselves on continuous evolution. The driving force behind constant business growth is the presence of skilled and dedicated team members. We’re searching for a highly-skilled design engineer to contribute to Golden Rule Sign’s growth and help us maintain our position as an innovative authority. The ideal candidate will have mechanical or construction experience, as well as demonstrated proficiency using Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Publisher or AutoCad software. He/She will be expected to create the Job Packets for each project.


A Design Engineer is one of the multiple team members within the Project Management Department. Each member of the Project Management team/department is responsible for executing their tasks in such a manner as to ensure a successful sign project and provide the customer with an exceptional experience. A Design Engineer is responsible for creating the Job Packet for each project. A Job Packet is a multi-page PDF document that can be distributed to (a) the Customer, (b) Vendor Partners who will be responsible for manufacturing materials for the project. (c) Installation Partners who will be responsible for erecting or building the sign. This document is the blueprint for the project. Any stakeholder of the project should be able to view/read the document and completely understand the scope of work.

Job Packets are created using Corel Draw and Affinity Publisher software suites. Templates and stock elements allow the Design Engineer to quickly grab from many pre-made elements to build the Job Packet. Certain aspects of each Job Packet are custom created by the Design Engineer with no pre-made elements. Job Packet Example (see attached sample Job Packet):

  • Overview Page: Picture of finished product/completed project with address, name, and specifications.
  • Design Overview: Line drawing of structure with dimensions.
  • Wiring Diagram for Electrical Connections
  • LED Shop Drawing
  • Site Plan
  • Existing Sign
  • Description of Work


  • Create Job Packets for projects
  • Drive company process via telephone, e-mail, and web-based project management system at the same time as demonstrating excellent customer service.
  • Manage end-user expectations, be accountable for completing tasks, and drive progress.
  • Work with clients to get the necessary information to move their projects forward.
  • Be aware of, and accountable for, department metrics and performance.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism and a steady work pace.
  • Escalate and assist the team in resolving project-related issues creatively and professionally.
  • This position is required to work Monday-Friday 8am-5 pm ET.


  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Mechanical experience / mechanical mind
  • Construction experience / construction mind
  • Understands, appreciates, and adheres to workflow and task management
  • Highly proficient in navigating Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Publisher or AutoCad software
  • Practices digital organization (storing digital files in proper location, consistency in naming files)


Experience using Asana (or similar task management system) is a plus.


  • You have no computer skills.
  • You have ever said the words “That’s not my job”.
  • You do not like interacting with people or helping find solutions.
  • Coming to work early or on-time is an issue
  • You do not have reliable transportation.
  • You do not have a great attitude and work ethic.


  • WOW the Customer (exceptional experience)
  • People are our most important asset (people first)
  • Do the right thing (principles)
  • Be the best, not necessarily the biggest (mastery)
  • Pursue continual improvement