Wall Mounted LED Signs by GRS

Wall Mount LED signs are a great solution when an organization’s property does not have an area available between the building and road or if their budget does not allow for a freestanding sign such as a pylon or monument. With our industry-leading 140-degree viewing angle, wall-mounted signs offer great visibility. A wall-mounted sign can be built in any size, resolution, or pitch. This design can be a perfect fit for your organization.

Oftentimes clients will opt for not only an LED sign on the wall but also an identification cabinet. The identification cabinet typically features a translucent face with a digitally printed graphic showing the organization name, or mascot, or logo. This identification portion of the sign lights up at night and uses a photo-cell to turn on and off with day and night time hours.

Wall Mounment LED Signs Examples

Wall Mounted Signs for schools

Communicate critical information to parents, students, and faculty with cutting edge technology. Made to perform and last!


Wall Mounted Signs for churches

When choosing a wall mounted LED church sign, viewing distance will be an important factor discussed with our team.


Wall Mounted Signs for Business

Trust our professional experience and Downtown shops or any retail business location with walk-in traffic would benefit from a wall mounted LED sign.


Wall Mounted Signs for Government

GRS wall-mounted LED signs have can be found at the City of Laredo Health Department, multiple military base guard shacks, and other government entities around the country.


Impact Cloud Plus

Powerful cloud-based LED
sign software that is
secure, and easy to use.

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