Golden Rule Sign Company offers both extruded aluminum and ‘stick built’ sign cabinets featuring internal L.E.D. lighting. These ‘light-boxes’ are hand crafted, and seam welded from materials exceeding industry standards. Both construction types are available in single-sided, or double-sided configurations with a variety of face options such as flat polycarbonate, vacuum-formed pan-face, push-through acrylic or surface mounted letters. Customizable options include rounded corners, custom shapes and additional perimeter lighting for a halo effect. Our signs are built to stand the test of time and are certified to meet and exceed UL48 standards.

Rustic Oak Elementary Digital School Sign

Large light-box, stick built, with
flat polycarbonate faces and
integrated L.E.D. message

Samples Memorial Baptist Digital Church Sign

Arch-top light-box with crown and
banner, stick built, with flat
polycarbonate faces mounted
above L.E.D. message center

Bear Creek Elementary Digital School Sign

Rounded-top light-box, stick built,
with flat polycarbonate faces.

Allgeier Air Digital Marquee Sign

Extruded box with custom cloud
sign and surface mounted letters,
and integrated L.E.D. message

Livermore High School Digital School Sign

Custom stick-built light-box with
logo cut out using flat
polycarbonate faces.

Franconia United Methodist Digital Church Sign

Apex design using extruded
aluminum and clear flat
polycarbonate with a 2nd surface


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