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Stay connected to students, parents, and the community with a new school sign! We offer dozens of different school signs designed to meet your needs and budget. Increase involvement with school functions, sports events and fundraisers; announce PTO meetings and days off, and recognize achievements! School marquee signs are an important part of building your academic community and getting the word out about special events on campus. With electronic marquees for schools, institutions can highlight students’ achievements, announce upcoming dates and build awareness for various activities. Parents and students have so much going on in their lives today that it can be hard for them to pay attention to what’s new at school. This is why electronic school signs can be so helpful. Every time someone arrives on the property, these eye-catching outdoor digital school signs quickly give them information they can use. For example, an LED school sign can disseminate changes to the regular schedule faster than a phone call or email. This may cut down on confusion and tell everyone at a glance what they need to know. These also work well for strengthening school pride because they can shine the spotlight on a student’s or team’s accomplishments in a way that the entire community could see.

Types of LED School SIGNS


Monument style School signs offer a traditional look and feel which is broadly appealing.We can match brick,stone,or stucco for aesthetic consistency on your campus.

Monument Signs


Pylon-style school signs are freestanding structures usually including an identification area as well as digital L.E.D. message center. GRS has provided signs for institutes of education at all levels in every state.

Pylon Signs


Wall-mount outdoor electronic signs for schools are a great solution if you do not have enough funds or a suitable area for a freestanding such as a pylon or monument.

Wall-Mounted Signs


Retrofit simply means to use an existing structure and create a new sign or appearance.


Retro-Fit Signs

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