outdoor led signs

Our outdoor LED signs offer state-of-the-art technology combnied with the highest levels of customer service. Golden Rule Signs delivers unparallelled professionalism


indoor led signs

Our indoor LED sign products allow you to fully leverage otherwise unused space. GRS regularly engaged churches who wish to shift from a traditional projector/screen platform to an indoor LED video wall.

monument led signs

Monument style LED signs offer an appealing traditional look and feel. This design is great for a location under strict requirements for more traditional or subtle design elements or height restrictions.


pylon signs

Freestanding or pylon style signs are simply freestanding structures that can be built in single-sided or double-sided configurations. This design is ideal for locations that require a sleek look and great visibility.

pylon signs

Wall Mounted LED Signs

Wall Mount LED signs are a great solution when an organization’s property does not have an area available between the building and road or if their budget does not allow for a freestanding sign such as a pylon or monument.

wall mounted

retro fit signs

Retro-fit simply means to utilize an existing structure to attach your new sign. Examples of structures that are often used are one or more steel support poles, masonry and brick columns, or even a wooden frame.


GRS leads the way in both indoor and outdoor LED sports signs and scoreboards. What used to be known as a metal box with lights has been transformed by advances in LED technology and software control suites.


light box signs

Golden Rule Sign Company offers both extruded aluminum and ‘stick built’ sign cabinets featuring internal L.E.D. lighting. These ‘light-boxes’ are hand crafted, and seam welded from materials exceeding industry standards.

light signs