Pixel Pitch

LED Sign Pixel-Pitch

The pitch or resolution of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. If a sign you are considering lists a pitch (or resolution) of 15mm – this means there are fifteen millimeters from the center of one pixel to the next. The smaller the pitch the more LEDs per-square-foot, resulting in a higher resolution sign. A 15mm pixel pitch sign is able to display characters, lines and higher quality images than a 20mm pixel pitch sign of the same size. If you intend to display graphics, you will want images crisp and realistic. Consider a 10mm or 15mm pixel pitch LED sign. If your message is more focused on basic text without a lot of graphics, a 20mm pixel pitch sign may be appropriate. Consult our knowledgable and professional staff for their suggestion.

Watch & Learn

As illustrated in this video, our LED Displays come in three different pitches or resolutions. The size, location, intended use, and budget of your new LED Marquee will help determine what pitch/resolution is best for you!

20mm or Standard Resolution displays are great for schools that are looking to go digital but need to stay on a tight budget. Although they are capable of pictures, graphics, and animations this pitch is best for simple graphics and text. 20mm pitch will be viewed from 100ft and beyond.

15mm or Advanced Resolution displays are becoming more and more popular with schools that want to feature pictures and animations on their signs. Priced perfectly for the majority of school sign projects most clients prefer this option. The 15mm pitch is best viewed from 66ft and beyond.

10mm or High-Resolution displays are for schools that want to share ultra-sharp images, videos, and higher-end graphics with their audience. This pitch is becoming more prevalent with schools as the pricing becomes more affordable. High-resolution LED’s are best viewed from 33ft and beyond.