Full-Color LED Signs

Full-Color LED Signs

The individual bulbs that make up the typical LED display are red, green or blue. However, out of these three colors come infinite combinations that have the power to create lifelike and picture-perfect photos, videos and text. As a leader in the creation of full-color LED display boards for a wide range of applications, Golden Rule Signs has the expertise and capabilities necessary to help you maximize this technology.

Whether it’s for a church congregation, school community or company’s customer base, we can build superior signage. Our displays grab attention and communicate vital information as cleanly and clearly as possible — all while enhancing your brand in brilliant color.

What We Can Do for You

Our experience with this tech means we are the best place to turn for multicolor scrolling LED signs. We will be with you every step of the way. We can handle each phase of your project in-house — from initial design to fabrication to installation. This means you receive the highest levels of quality and performance from the finished product.

We also bring the most advanced technology in the marketplace to realize your ideas. Our full-color outdoor LED displays are capable of showing video at 60 frames per second; they will be sure to impress passersby. They also can come equipped with wireless 4G and cloud-based platforms that enable you to program them from virtually any location. Simply connect to your LED sign through your smartphone or other device to schedule messages in advance or change what your audience sees on the fly.

Who We Serve

If your organization or business deals with the public in any way, there’s a good chance you could benefit from our offerings. We are specialized in helping churches announce upcoming sermons and allowing schools to spotlight student achievements.

We’ve also empowered governments to spread important messages and give businesses tools to promote their products. Wherever you are across the country, we have what it takes to come to your aid.

Start Your Full-Color LED Sign Project

We have the ability to manufacture signs in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit your space. Many of our products are ready for shipping within two to three weeks of ordering, so you can have yours quickly. To learn more, contact one of our knowledgeable Project Consultants today.