Where to Place A Sign – GRS

Where Should I Put My Sign?

If you’re a church, school, or organization, you know how important signage is to the public. There are several things to consider when placing a sign. If you’re choosing a wall-mounted sign, make sure you choose a wall that is visible from a road connected with a main entrance. It won’t be beneficial to have it on a corner facing a less-traveled road. Consider the sign’s function. If it is simply to state what the building is, or is making announcements that are only related to the people walking in and outside the building, a wall-mounted sign might be just fine for you.

Say however, that you are a church that needs to display service times and community events that are open to the public. We would recommend a monument sign that matches the look and feel of your church and would be visible from the road. Bright LEDs will display your information at all times of the day.

Again, having your sign placed near the entrance of your building is crucial not only to helping visitors know who you are, but how to get access to you. Your sign could become a landmark. Establish your presence today with a well-placed sign.

Don’t worry about the state rules and regulations of sign placement. Our project managers have you covered. Contact Ben or Courtney to get started!