Ethan Wood

“Impact Cloud+ is user friendly, lightning fast, and fully capable. It’s easy to sell because it’s easy to understand, and once my customers use it, they love it.”

– Ethan Wood

Impact LED Dealer

All the training you need, in whichever way works best for you.

Everyone learns differently….we get it. For this very reason, we offer software training through a variety of methods. This page is designed to provide our Dealer Partners and End Users with access to the learning style that works best for them. We offer downloadable PDF user manuals, abridged version video tutorials, mini-clips on specific topics and full length tutorial videos. Some folks learn best with good old fashioned one-on-one instruction – we offer that too. Check out the information and links on this page and start enjoying the best cloud based sign software on the market.

Quick Tutorial Videos (QTVs):

Introduction: Logging-in to Impact Cloud+

QTV 1: Creating a Playlist & Slides with Text

QTV 2: Creating Slides with Pictures & Video Clips

QTV 3: Publishing & Scheduling Playlists

QTV 4: Pro-Tip on Content Acquisition

QTV 5: Pro-Tip on Content Creation