Scorer’s Tables

Keep track of players for both teams and put your team members up on the big screen for everyone to see. Use a dynamic background when showing player photos and descriptions.

Sideline Presenter Software Features:

Easy to use, intuitive interface.

Control unlimited number of displays on network.

Edit while displaying presentation.

Create and play unlimited playlist with thumbnails.

Onscreen display preview.

Unlimited on screen buttons with adjustable colors.

Multiple workspaces.

Icon and pull down menu for help.

Editor software with:

Full featured content creation and editing software suite.

Copy/paste from other applications.

Text editing with System Fonts-Truetype.

Various Text effects.

Built-in spell check.

Import multimedia images/videos.

Content preview and layering.

Real-time data integration.

Transition Effects.


Computer with Windows 10 and standard inputs outputs for keyboard, mouse, multiple monitors.