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Welcome to the Golden Rule Signs private learning portal for School Administrators. The goal of this page is to give school Superintendents Principals, and their decision-making support staff the tools, and tips we think are valuable when it comes to campus signage. 

Please check out the videos and literature below and feel free to contact us at anytime – we look forward to serving you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have to get our own permit?

We are happy to help expedite permit investigation and acquisition on our customer’s behalf. In fact, we have a dedicated, in-house Permit Expeditor for each GRS project.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Our standard purchase terms require a deposit, however, in many cases School District/Government issued purchase order will suffice.

Can I program it from my office?

Yes you can! In fact, you can program your marquee from anywhere with internet access using our secure web portal.

Does it work on Solar?

Our signs will work on any electrical feed that provides the required power and grounding protection. GRS does not currently provide solar power systems but customers may purchase and install their own!

Can you do multiple signs in my district at the same time?

We speciliaze in multi-site sign projects. We have successfully provided entire districts with new marquee signs in a single order.

How long does it take to get here?

Our manufacturing varies based on the size and complexity of the job, however, a standard lead time is 8 to 10 weeks. Unless requested to start immediately, the countdown begins when permits are secured.

Can I show my own images on the sign?

Yes, you can publish any image to our message centers. The clarity of the image will depend on the Pixel Pitch you choose. Your Project Consultant can help you understand the best practices for screen content.

Can you use my existing sign?

In many cases we can, in fact any sign company should be looking at the possibility of a Retro-Fit of your original sign. This saves on potential demolition and electrical costs.

What brightness are your displays?

Most of our signs operate at 10,000+NITS with the exception of some indoor video walls and ultra-high resolutions options.

Who makes the LED’s?

Our LED diodes are sourced according to our engineering specifications and are a closely guarded secret that other companies may not be able to provide. You can be sure they are dependable and will perform brightly and clearly for years to come.

What brand is the sign?

GRS is proud to offer Impact LED brand full color message centers. Dependability and Affordability can exist in the same space!

Are the spare modules from the same bin (batch) as the original?

Yes, any spare modules you may need are sourced from the same bin/batch. Our inventory space is vast and allows us to stock spare parts for the life of the sign.

Can the sign bet turned off at night?

Yes. The sign can be dimmed manually, according to a schedule, or light sensor.