Mounting Options

Customers expect professional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing mounting hardware.  Golden Rule Signs provides durable and versatile mounting hardware ensuring ease of installation and long-lasting security.

Mounting Options

EMC Cabinet Design

Electronic message centers (EMCs) feature two “steel angles” or L brackets on the rear of the unit at both the top and bottom which typically run the entire length of the EMC. 

These steel angles are 2”x2” and allow the EMC to be fastened to a variety of installation applications or scenarios.  But, the EMCs angles often require a mate bracket to which they will fasten by either bolting or welding.  This document is intended to serve as a guide to illustrate the standardized mounting hardware offered by Golden Rule Signs and practical use applications for each unique mounting hardware.

Side Clips

Set of two (2) or four (4) steel angle pieces

4”x4”x16”  Drawing


Used in either the top two (2) or all four (4) corners to secure an EMC to structure on the side (masonry or metal).

Max opening: 5” longer than EMC

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Wall-Mount Clips

Set of four (4) steel angle pieces measuring 4”x4”x8” 



Used in four (4) corners to secure an EMC to a wall.

EMCs longer than 10’ should receive a second set to disperse the weight across more points.

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Monument Base Tubes

Set of two (2) pieces of square steel tubing

2” x 2” x Y”


Placed under EMC(s) to lift them and allow cool air

ventilation to be drawn up between/behind EMC(s).

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Set of two (2) pieces of square steel tubing

2” x 2” x Y”      Drawing


Placed under EMC(s) to lift them and allow cool air

ventilation to be drawn up between/behind EMC(s).  Unlike Monument Base Tubes, Z-Brackets allow for fastening.

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Cantilever Angle Mount

Set of two (2) or four (4) L-shaped brackets made from ¼” plate.

6” x 6 ¼”” x 4 ¼” 


Used to support/secure an EMC when the distance between the supports and the length of the EMC is greater than 4” but equal to or less than 11”. (i.e. gap on one side is 5.5” or less)

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One 3”x3” steel tube, 3/16” wall thickness, ¼” plates (8”x8”) on each end, pre-drilled holes, up to 8ft long.


Used to span between two vertical supports (steel or masonry) when the gap between the EMC length and distance between the supports is greater than 11”. 

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Goalpost Yoke

Vertical mast with stubs priced as manufactured with 3” tubing with up to a 4’ tall mast.


Used to insert into existing dual vertical poles.

Stub Pole Assembly

Vertical mast with stop plate for welding or match plate for bolting.  Priced as 3” tube with an 8” square plate ½” thick and  up to a 4’ tall mast.


For instances where there is an existing primary support pole with either a match plate or that once had a stub pole sign.

Vent Box

Description to follow 

Wow your clients with a beautiful and highly durable powder coat finish.