Digital Monument Signs

When turning to Golden Rule Signs to build a digital LED monument sign for your business, school or church, you get the best of both worlds: the traditional look that enhances the appearance of your property as well as the most modern means of communicating with the public. 

Our technology enables you to have colorful, attractive messaging that promotes your brand and gets the word out effectively. Our commercial monument signs are more than eye-catching — they can hold your audience’s attention and deliver important information better than almost any other type of marketing.

Expertise for Your Project

Choosing us to provide you with church monument signs means you can benefit from the full range of our skill and experience. We have the in-house capabilities to handle every step of your project — from initial design to fabrication to installation. When we’re finished, you will have a beautiful addition to your property that serves as an essential connection to your customers, congregation or constituents.

You also can count on receiving advanced technology. Our full-color LED modern monument signs are equipped with wireless 4G capabilities and cloud connections. Through our platform, you have the ability to update or change messages practically from any location.

Just use a smartphone, tablet or other connected device to sync with your sign and provide viewers with crucial updates. You can also schedule holiday greetings well in advance. 

Who We Serve

Just about any public-facing organization can benefit from all of the advantages of our solutions. Some examples of the types of customers we serve include:

  • Churches: Congregations can use church monument signs to announce upcoming sermon topics, fundraisers and other important events.
  • Schools: Spotlight students’ achievements, remind parents of institute days and more with the use of one of our school monument signs.
  • Businesses: Business owners can give their marketing efforts a boost when they promote sales, feature specific products and highlight their brand with our help.
  • Government entities: Keeping citizens informed is crucial for the public sector. Having one of these solutions installed on government property is a great way to spread the word efficiently and effectively.

Perhaps the best part of our signs is that they can fit into practically any type of setting. They can be constructed with a brick base or with other materials to match your building. We also have the ability to construct one in just about any size you may want for maximum visibility.

Choose Golden Rule Signs 

We are your comprehensive resource for these and many other varieties of signage. If you’re ready to learn more about everything an LED monument sign can do for you, reach out today. Our experienced and helpful Project Consultants will guide you through the process.