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At Golden Rule Signs, our main focus is to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that investing in a sign can be a significant decision and we strive to make the experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our team believes that the key to achieving this goal is by providing comprehensive support and resources.

About Us

GRS Difference

Learn more about what sets us apart from the average sign company and what we call “The Golden Rule Difference”.

Golden Rule Signs Difference

Best Price Guarantee

We understand that price is an important factor in making purchasing decisions, which is why we are proud to offer our Best Price Guarantee.

Best Price Guarantee

TIPS Awarded Vendor

Golden Rule Signs is able to save agencies both time and money, while delivering the highest quality signs at the best possible price.

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What We Offer

We provide only the best and exceptional quality products and services. Here are some features you might be interested in.

Monument Color Options

We offer a wide variety of color options for our monument signs to ensure that your sign stands out and represents your brand accurately.

Monument Color Options

Surface Application

We aim that print/image on the sign face will remain vibrant and colorful for much longer, even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. 

1st vs. 2nd Surface Application

Duracore Monuments

See how our DuraCore products provide customers with a quality stone masonry style for their signage.

Duracore Monuments


GRS leads the way in both indoor and outdoor LED sports signs and scoreboards. 

LED Scoreboards

G3 Series Electronic Message Center

Golden Rule Signs proudly introduces the G3 Series of Impact digital sign systems. Read about that in here.

G3 Series


Here’s a quick guide on the installation of the following:

Marquee Data Connectivity

Let us give you a break down of the “Method keys” — which will make it easier for readers to understand and set up connections.

Marquee Data Connectivity

Wall Mount Installation Overview

A quick step-by-step overview on how to wall mount your signs. 

Wall Mount Installation


We learn something new everyday. Here are some helpful articles for our signs owners to read and ponder on. 

Benefits of Cell Modem Communication

For the ultimate experience with your new sign, GRS recommends choosing our cellular modem data connection powered by Verizon.

Cell Modem Communication

LED Pixel, LED Pitch & LED Matrix Explained (D.I.P.)

What is a Pixel? Everything you need to know will be explained here.

Pixel, Pitch, Matrix (D.I.P.)

LED Pixel, LED Pitch & LED Matrix Explained (D.I.P. & S.M.D)

What is a Pixel? Everything you need to know will be explained here.

Pixel, Pitch, Matrix (D.I.P. & S.M.D)

ImpactLED’s Beauty and Brillance

Introducing our partner’s visually stunning and incredibly bright displays. Read more about it in here.

ImpactLED Spec

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