LED Pixel, LED Pitch & LED Matrix Explained

What is Pixel ?

A pixel is a point of light made up of one more L.E.D. diodes.
Full color L.E.D. signs are made up of either D.I.P. or S.M.D. pixels. AD.I.P. pixel is a cluster of three diodes; red, green, and blue. In order to produce higher resolution screens, small red, green, and blue diodes are encapsulated to create an S.M.D. pixel. Their small size allows them to be much closer together.

D.I.P Full Color LED Sign Pixel
S.M.D Full Color LED Sign Pixel

What is LED Sign Pitch?

The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel.

If the specifications of a sign you are buying state that the Pitch (or resolution) is 20mm – this means there are twenty millimeters from the center of one pixel to the next.15mm

The smaller the pitch the more LEDs per square-foot which means the resolution will be higher. A sign with a 15mm pitch can show more characters and the picture will be sharper than a sign of the same physical size with a pitch of 20mm.

If you are displaying a lot of graphics and you want your images to look crisper and more realistic, the pixels should be located closer together.

If you are just running text without a lot of graphics or your sign is being viewed from farther away (100 ft +), you can go with a pitch where the pixels are located further apart such as 20mm.

15mm Full Color LED Sign Pitch

Difference between 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm Pitch.

Difference between 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm Pitch.

Physical Size vs. Active Viewing Area

It’s all about the Matrix!

The Matrix of an LED sign simply represents how many pixels are on the display. For example a sign with a matrix of 40 x 140 is 40 pixels tall by 140 pixels wide.

A higher matrix on your LED sign will give you:

  • More Lines of Text
  • More Character Per Line
  • Sharper Images and Video

If you are purchasing (for example) a 4′ tall 8′ long sign, selecting a smaller pitch will increase the matrix of the display which means better image quality.

Golden Rule Signs… More Sign for Your Money!

All GRS LED displays are produced with zero trim. This design provides an active viewing area that takes up the entire physical size of the sign. Some competitors attempt to fool you by quoting a “4×8 marquee sign” when actually the excessive border consumes 6″-10″ of the sign length.

By comparing the pixel matrix and/or active viewing area you’ll be in the best position to see which product is providing the best value for your investment.

LED Sign With Trim

GRS LED Sign - Zero Trim

What else does Golden Rule Signs offer?

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