Kody Sutton

My name is Kody Sutton and I’m a Project Consultant for Golden Rule Signs. If you need help with your sign needs, I’m your guy! I love connecting with people and helping in any capacity I can. I’m currently a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a master’s degree. Before that, I was a youth pastor in Southeast Missouri, so I know firsthand how to help Church’s find what they are looking for in a sign.

I’m married to my wife of three years, Kaebra who is from Santa Claus Indiana. (Yes it exists, and it’s a super cool place) We have a son, Kaleb. He’s a busy body and doesn’t stop moving! We also have two dogs, Indy (Golden Retriever) and Major. (Australian Shepherd) Let me know if you need anything! I’m available anytime day or night.

Resources I Recommend

1. Pitch & Matrix Explained
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