The Impact G3 delivers reliable performance with superior brightness, vivid colors, and industry leading technology.

One square foot modules available in 4 pixel pitch resolutions.

6mm Pitch

SMD technology combines red, green, and blue into one capsule – allowing tighter pixel pitch and higher resolution. When picture clarity is most important at a close viewing distance, we’ve got you covered.

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10mm Pitch

10mm is designed for clients who need ultra-sharp images or are communicating with an audience very close to the display. A 10mm display is best viewed from 10 meters, 33 feet, and beyond.

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15m Pitch

Consumers are starting to expect better visual presentations on EMCs. This display is best viewed from 15 meters, 52 feet, and beyond. Most customers would do very well to choose a 15mm EMC.

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20mm Pitch

20mm pixel pitch is the most popular resolution in the United States & is best viewed from 20 meters, 65 feet, and beyond.

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Redundant Power & Data

In the rare event of a module failure dual power and data inputs reduce the need for a replacement part by 80%.

Simple Installation

Impact’s Unistruct installation system provides an incredibly strong, yet easy to use mounting substructure. Our Speedy Mount Bracket system allows signs to be installed immediately without additional fabrication.

Easy Support

Modules are easily and quickly removed for fast and simple service. External quick connects for power and data make life easy and hassle free.

Premium Quality

Impact G3 signs come with the finest materials and finishes. From wide temperature chips and 4-layer printed circuit boards to UL certified power supplies and gold plated connectors, Impact G3 components create a beautiful, long-lasting and dependable product.

Environmentally Sealed Cabinets

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground. All their equipment and instruments are alive.

Powerful Software

The Impact G3 Series can be controlled through either desktop PC software or through Impact Cloud +. Our secure connectivity and management console allows users to connect to their sign from any internet browser on a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone or Android.

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