Golden Rule Signs proudly introduces the G3 Series of Impact digital sign systems. Our 1 x 1′ module reliably performs with high brightness, vivid colors, fast refresh rate and industry leading features such as dual power/data connections and module retention leads.

This product is MET Labs certified for NEC and UL48 compliance.
This product complies with FCC Rules Subpart B of Section 15 of Title 47.

Redundant Power & Data. Dual power and data inputs reduce the need for a spare part by 80%. High efficiency components consume 22% less energy.

Premium LEDs, 4-layer Printed Circuit Boards, Meanwell power supplies and gold-plated connector pins are just a few of the components that create a beautiful, long-lasting and dependable display for your application.

Simple Installation. GRS’s Unistruct installation system provides an incredibly strong yet easy to use mounting substructure.

Environmentally sealed cabinets prevent damaging intrusion of moisture and dust.

Easy to support. Modules are easily and quickly removed to create fast and simple service.

Cloud based software allows users to connect to their sign from any internet browser on a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone, or Android.

What else does Golden Rule Signs offer?

Cell Modem Connectivity

Enjoy a fast and easy connectivity experience thanks to our partnership with Verizon wireless. No more running ethernet cables and pointing wifi antennas. Talk with our staff to find out of cell modem connectivity is the best choice for your project.

Cloud-Based Software

Securely hosted on Amazon AWS, and ready for 2 factor authentication, our content and sign management platform is accessible from any web browser. Impact Cloud Plus, is action packed with all the features your customers will expect and plenty they’ll be happy to learn!


GRS leads the way in both indoor and outdoor LED sports signs and scoreboards. Both indoor and outdoor LED screens can be used as multi-sport scoreboards, live broadcast screens or advertising displays, or all three at the same time. Let us help you with that.