Electrical Requirements

One of the many keys to a successful sign project and a long-lasting sign is proper electrical service/grounding to the sign and the collaboration of GRS and its clients or client’s electrician to ensure it all comes together as it should.

Please review the information below and contact your Project Manager if you have any questions.  The information below is generic and meant to be understood and applied for any project even though your specific project may feature a different scope of work our requirements not listed here. 

Electricity For Your New Sign

As you are likely well aware, electronic signs require…electricity.  Golden Rule Signs by default does not quote or include running electrical lines for sign projects.  The reasons are numerous, but here are two; (1) in order to accurately quote running electricity, we would need to know where the nearest available power source is located and what obstructions may be in the way. (2) the running of electrical lines is regulated on a local level and generally only locally licensed electricians can perform this work.  

GRS handles a wide variety of projects; sometimes we are installing a new sign into an existing structure and adequate power is already in place.  Other times we are digging a new concrete footer in a grass/dirt location and getting power to the sign means either (a) having the local power company set a meter/breaker box, or (b) boring under a parking lot and tapping into an existing breaker panel within a building.  Lastly, wall-mounted signs are generally the easiest to connect to electricity as there is likely power nearby within the building.  Regardless of the situation, our team stands ready to work with clients and their electricians to communicate the necessary electrical requirements. 

New Freestanding Sign Projects

For new freestanding sign projects where the electricity is not already in place, we prefer to dig the footer and install an elbow of conduit into the footer (hiding it from view).  Once the sign is installed, the client’s electrician can trench conduit over to the sign, connect it to the elbow we installed, and pull wire through to a junction box where the individual ‘whips’ from the signage can connect. 

Alternatively, if the client or their electrician wants to run conduit and wire before the footer is dug, they must leave enough wire coiled up to reach the signage.  

Wall-Mounted Sign Projects

Connecting electricity to wall-mounted signs is generally straightforward.  The client or their electrician needs to run power from their breaker panel to the sign installation site.  We recommend that a conduit exit the wall directly behind, but on the right-hand side of where the EMC (electronic message center will be located – no more than 6 inches from the edge of the sign.  This allows power to be hidden from front-on view, but accessible if needed. 

Business Sign Projects

Our LED signs offer businesses state-of-the-art electronic sign technology combined with the highest level of quality and service. Businesses need to get the biggest bang for their buck to recapture their investment outlay as quickly as possible. GRS has been the partner to businesses in countless industries over the years. From banking and healthcare to retail/automotive sales and Fortune 500 brands, GRS knows how to maximize your investment in a high quality sign system that will get your message across.

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