DuraCore Monuments

Our DuraCore branded monuments offer classic masonry-inspired designs such as brick, stone, and stucco.  DuraCore is constructed from high-density EPS foam which is routed to mimic a brick or stone pattern.  The monument is then hard-coated with thick polyurethane creating a textured finish that is aesthetically pleasing, impact-resistant, able to withstand fading, and harsh weather environments. 


  • Hundreds of realistic DuraCore textures
  • Durable high-density EPS foam material
  • Polyurethane coating to protect from harsh weather/fading
  • Light weight for smoother and safer installation
  • Minimal surface maintenance

Our DuraCore Projects

“Our DuraCore products provide customers with a quality stone masonry style for their signage, without the hassle that comes with traditional maintenance and upkeep of a brick and mortar monuments.”

 Aaron Shelnutt | Golden Rule Signs COO

What else does Golden Rule Signs offer?

Cell Modem Connectivity

Enjoy a fast and easy connectivity experience thanks to our partnership with Verizon wireless. No more running ethernet cables and pointing wifi antennas. Talk with our staff to find out of cell modem connectivity is the best choice for your project.

Cloud-Based Software

Securely hosted on Amazon AWS, and ready for 2 factor authentication, our content and sign management platform is accessible from any web browser. Impact Cloud Plus, is action packed with all the features your customers will expect and plenty they’ll be happy to learn!


GRS leads the way in both indoor and outdoor LED sports signs and scoreboards. Both indoor and outdoor LED screens can be used as multi-sport scoreboards, live broadcast screens or advertising displays, or all three at the same time. Let us help you with that.