Digital Vs. Traditional Signage

March 11, 2021

When it comes to communicating a message for a business, school or church, signs have long been the gold standard. Everyone from the local diner to a national retailer hangs banners, posters and other signs to share promotions, policies, updates and more — but what kind of signs are best?

While traditional printed signage has been around for years, more organizations are seeing the advantages of digital signage. Whether you want to announce news, advertise a product or highlight other information for your audience, here’s a look at the pros and cons of traditional and digital signage, as well as the best applications for each.    

Traditional Signage Benefits

Even in this modern age, many institutions still use traditional signs somewhere throughout their operations. Restaurants display printed menus. Retail stores feature current discounts in window posters. There could be signs throughout a store or banners hanging across the wall. Traditional signs are familiar, get the job done and don’t require any sort of significant upfront investment; you simply pay for the signs as you need them.

On the downside, however, they aren’t customizable once printed, they do little to engage viewers and they’re fairly limited in design. Traditional signs also incur higher ongoing operational costs thanks to continual designing, reprinting and shipping. For these reasons, the best applications for traditional signs are anywhere you want an unchanged, single message for an extended period of time.

Digital Signage Benefits

Digital signs take the strengths of traditional adverts and raise the bar with a number of extra features. Here are some specific examples of what digital signage can offer:

  • Constant customizability. Digital signs make it easy to update and change messaging anytime you want, so you can keep your signage fresh and relevant to your audience. When you want to update traditional signs, you have to create/order new products; when you want to update digital signs, you can make the change instantly. If you have breaking news, an emergency update or other real-time changes that need to get published right away, it’s a snap to communicate with a digital sign.
  • Affordable updating. Once you’ve purchased your digital sign, you can use and update it however you like. With traditional signs, you have to continually pay and wait for updated signage. Digital signs are a time- and cost-effective way to upgrade on and on into the future. Is there a typo? Do you want to change a word? With digital signs, there’s no need to reorder or be patient for updates: They’re instantaneous. What’s more, the upfront cost of digital signs is continually dropping as technology advances.
  • Increased engagement. Digital signs provide far more opportunities for catching the attention of viewers. This is because you can include more than static text; it’s possible to incorporate animation, moving text, sound, live action video and more. Share snippets of fan photos, hashtagged content or other user-generated info that connects with your audience; digital signs make this easy.
  • Improved aesthetics. Once created, traditional signs can’t be altered to look better or different. If the colors aren’t standing out in a given environment, you’re back to the drawing board. With digital signs, however, you can tweak the brightness and colors easily for the best aesthetics. Your sign is more attractive and appealing simply by nature of its digital design.

Given the above benefits, the best applications for digital signs are anywhere you want to push updated content, display multiple pieces of information, engage an audience and get the most bang for your buck. For most organizations, digital signs are the clear winner.

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