Digital Signage Content Guidelines: Make Your Messaging Meaningful

June 6, 2021

There’s nothing like a digital sign to grab attention: In fact, it’s considered the most affordable, effective method of advertising available today! What is digital signage content? Unlike traditional signs, which are static and unchangeable, digital signage is a dynamic, easy-to-change technology.

Rather than mere words and pictures, a digital sign features bright, colorful, attention-grabbing LED lights. It uses these lights to display words, graphics and video. Best of all, the content is digitally controlled: You can choose, rotate, adjust and schedule messaging anytime, using only a few simple clicks.

Digital signage offers plenty of potential. Advertise events, promote products, celebrate news and more. To reap the biggest benefits, however, you have to know how to use it well.

9 Digital Signage Content Tips

Here are digital signage content guidelines to help make the most of your advertising. Use these tips to create effective content to broadcast your message and build your brand.

  1. 1. Choose the right messaging. The best messaging takes into account audience, timing and goals. Who are you trying to reach? When is the best time of day, day of the week, time of the year, etc. to do it? Use the answers to these questions to guide what you say.
  2. 2. Update often. To get the most value and avoid getting stale, update at least weekly. You may even want to tailor messages to various times of day, such as commuters in the morning and parents in the afternoons.
  3. 3. Always proofread. Nothing derails messaging faster than an obvious typo. Before posting a new message, always have someone check it on your behalf. An editor can help you know if your wording looks awkward or has any glaring errors.
  4. 4. Use clear fonts and text sizes. If your font is too small to read, no one will understand it. Choose large, sans-serif fonts that are clear even from a distance.
  5. 5. Use contrasting colors. Dark text on a dark background — like light text on a light background — is notoriously hard to read. Always contrast these color palettes to make words visible.
  6. 6. Don’t rotate too quickly. If you’re going to rotate messages on your sign, take into account how long it will take a passerby to read one. A rule of thumb is to give a minimum of 30 seconds to each piece of content.
  7. 7. Stay simple. Once you learn you can incorporate moving graphics and a collection of colors into your signage, it can be tempting to go overboard. Don’t! In terms of effective messaging, remember that less is more. Don’t clutter your signage in the name of being novel.
  8. 8. Reinforce branding. As you’re thinking about colors and images to use, always keep your business branding in mind. Your company colors, style and overall vibe should come through on your sign as much as anywhere else.
  9. 9. Include a call to action. Is there something you want your audience to do? Whether you’re trying to get them to visit or call, communicate it. Adding a call to action can dramatically increase signage’s impact.

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