Digital Sign Technology

Digital Sign Technology

Golden Rule Signs uses state-of-the-art LED sign technology to create dazzling and eye-catching digital signage for our customers. The brilliance and color of LEDs makes for highly appealing and attention-grabbing displays. Whether you need to communicate important information to the public or promote your brand to consumers, our signs are some of the best solutions to accomplish those goals.

At Golden Rule Signs, we have the experience and expertise necessary to develop superior projects for schools, churches, government entities and businesses. Read on to learn some of the basics of this sign technology and how it can deliver an exceptional experience for you and your audiences.

Understanding How LED Signs Work 

There are many aspects of LED systems that can impact their effectiveness. When you want to bring as many eyes to your brand as possible, it’s important to know how digital sign technology can impact the visibility, legibility and attractiveness of your message. 

  • Pixels: Our signs render text and pictures as clusters of colored pixels. These can emanate from a single LED light or a cluster of them. Most typical installations feature red, green and blue diodes that are used to create limitless color combinations.
  • Pitch: This refers to the distance between each pixel, usually measured in millimeters. The closer the pixels are to each other, the higher your sign’s resolution. For example, a 10 mm LED display can render pictures with sharper detail than a 20 mm LED display or a 16 mm LED sign. This means that even from a few feet away, viewers should be able to see images clearly.
  • Matrix: Commonly referred to as the resolution, this is the number of pixels measured vertically and horizontally. For instance, a sign measuring 64 x 192 would have 64 pixels running from top to bottom and 192 from left to right. Higher numbers mean more LEDs overall, which can enhance the sharpness and legibility of on-screen text.
  • Viewing angles: Viewing angles determine how visible the content on your sign will be based on where the viewer is in relation to it. Signs with narrower viewing angles can only be seen well by standing directly in front of them. With wider viewpoints, even those far to the side can read the messages. For this reason, viewing angles are some of the most important aspects of digital signage.
  • Programming: We provide multiple options for communicating with and programming your sign. You can use wireless 4G, Wi-Fi, fiber optic cable or a direct Ethernet connection to change the messaging. 


Choose Golden Rule Signs 

Whether you choose a monument, freestanding, retrofit or wall-mounted sign, LED is the best technology to get your message to the public. Golden Rule Signs is ready and willing to help you get the most out of your sign no matter how you choose to implement it. If you’re ready to enhance your property with LED sign technology, get in touch with us today. Our Project Consultants will be more than happy to guide you through the process.