The Golden Rule DIFFERENCE

Shopping for a digital marquee sign can be tough. Understanding the technology, terms, and learning the difference in materials can be overwhelming. Golden Rule Signs takes the steps to build high-quality signs that you expect. Learn more about what sets us apart from the average sign company and what we call “The Golden Rule Difference”.

Great Signs. Great Service. Great Prices.

About Golden Rule Signs

Golden Rule Signs has been operating in the LED Sign industry with a focus on serving schools, churches, businesses, and public municipalities for over a decade. Operating nationwide, we’ve have had the pleasure of building and installing thousands of signs. GRS has an internal staff that includes a team of experienced project consultants that will guide you through the purchasing process. Our project management department consists of a permit expeditor who handles permitting with the your local municipality. Our production manager handles the fabrication drawings and oversees production and quality control. The shipping and installation manager painstakingly ensures the sign is crated, shipped, and arrives safely. In addition, they coordinate the successful installation of your project. Continuing support is offered for the life of your sign by our in-house technical support team. They assist with network connections, training and are able to efficiently diagnose and solve any potential issues for the life of the sign. As an employee-owned company your project and satisfaction are extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on treating you how we would like to be treated that’s the Golden Rule!

LED Displays and Cloud-Based Software

Golden Rule Signs developed its custom product line to meet the needs of clients who want a high-quality digital sign at an affordable price. With a team of industry professionals having over 75 years of combined experience, hundreds of hours of research, development, and testing took place. The end result is an outstanding LED Display that is FCC and UL certified. Our LED displays have the ability to do custom text with hundreds of colors, sizes, and outlines. Pictures, graphics, and videos can be uploaded with ease from the user-friendly cloud-based software. Via a secure login, users are easily able to create and update content for your sign from any device that has an internet connection. This could be a tablet, PC, laptop, phone, etc. You do not need to be on-site or even in the state to control your sign. Log in from anywhere and send the messages, it’s that easy!

2nd Surface Print on Makrolon

Makrolon is a polycarbonate material made by Bayer plastics. This is the same material used for Nascar windshields. We use this virtually indestructible plastic material for the sign face that shows your organization’s name and artwork. A cheap sign face is made of acrylic with vinyl graphics on the outside. Makrolon is UV resistant, we print the graphics on the inside of the clear surface. While a cheap sign would fade and peel over time, YOUR sign from Golden Rule will maintain its colors and look sharp. It’s a more expensive material and manufacturing method, but the benefits are tremendous.

LED Displays and Cloud-Based Software

The average sign shop is going to build your sign with fluorescent bulbs for lighting. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which is a bio-hazard. Our solution was to stop using these bulbs and put ultra bright LED lighting modules inside the signs. They consume significantly less electricity, but most importantly they aren’t a continued expense since they last 10-12 years. By adding a photo -cell (automatic on/off at night/day) your sign will consume even less power and thus make the LED modules last even longer. These both add cost…….but the benefits are tremendous.

Symmetrical Depth Cabinet and Paint

If you look at a cheap sign from the side, the depth of the identification cabinet is only 12” while the LED message boards are about 20”-24”. That is because extruded cabinets come in a maximum depth of 12 inches. Using this cheap method, sign shops can slap together a box sign very quickly with a low material cost. We know when our clients spend a significant amount of money on a sign, they want it to be built right….not in a hurry with the cheapest materials. We weld a frame that is 22” deep. Then it is skinned with .063” aluminum which is acid washed, sanded, primed and painted. Most sign companies only use 1 coat of paint. We do a primer, a base coat and then a clear coat on top. This way, should someone graffiti your sign with a marker or spraypaint… you can gently rub paint remover to remove the vandalism without actually taking off any of your signs paint. Again, this approach comes at a higher cost….but you’ll wish you had bought our sign when you have to repaint your entire sign or live with an awful looking blemish.

What else does Golden Rule Signs offer?

Cell Modem Connectivity

Enjoy a fast and easy connectivity experience thanks to our partnership with Verizon wireless. No more running ethernet cables and pointing wifi antennas. Talk with our staff to find out of cell modem connectivity is the best choice for your project.

Cloud-Based Software

Securely hosted on Amazon AWS, and ready for 2 factor authentication, our content and sign management platform is accessible from any web browser. Impact Cloud Plus, is action packed with all the features your customers will expect and plenty they’ll be happy to learn!


GRS leads the way in both indoor and outdoor LED sports signs and scoreboards. Both indoor and outdoor LED screens can be used as multi-sport scoreboards, live broadcast screens or advertising displays, or all three at the same time. Let us help you with that.