Church LED Signs – Cost and Value

Golden Rule Louisville Church LED Signs

Electronic church signs range in cost from $10,000 – $45,000. On first glance, that might seem surprisingly steep but consider the long-term and far-reaching value when compared to other methods of communicating your news and mission.

Golden Rule Louisville Church LED Signs Golden Rule Louisville Church LED Signs

Church LED signs are a (literally) brilliant way to invite new members to your community and pass on information to countless numbers of viewers driving by. They offer color, light, and motion, expressing eye-catching and memorable words, pictures and video. Think of it as a website constantly open and accessible, right in your front yard. A good website is important but it only conveys information when a user has somehow become aware of its existence and chooses to find and open it; However, a large audience of current and potential church members pass by your building every single day, year-round, on their way to work, school, the grocery, etc. They don’t need to know your website address or make the effort to sit and navigate to it to find out that you offer childcare during services or want to invite them to your next community-wide event.

Golden Rule Louisville Church LED Signs

With other means of advertising, such as print, tv, or radio, there is a significant expense in each new campaign and change in audience. But your church signs are up and live 24 hours a day with messages that can be changed easily over and over again, published at no cost.

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